You are currently viewing Geocache of the Year 2022-2023
Based on the nominations received from the geocaching community, Geocaching NSW has selected the top three finalists for each of the five categories.
Voting will be open from 13 October 2023 until 30 November .
You can choose your favourite caches by filling in this form.
The winners will be announced at the Geocaching NSW Christmas Event on December 10th, 2023.
Without further delay, here are the finalists:
  • Lansdowne Marbles (GC9Z46Y) by Team737
  • URBAN OASIS (GC9QCGX) by 2qt2bstr818
  • Yass TB hotel (GC9M59D) by Sui_001
Multicaches/Series of caches:
  • The Bushranger’s Legacy (GC9M6X5) by barefootjeff
  • GeoMystery Club (Series) by bjldb_geocacher
  • Stepping through Rumbalara I – Reborn 🍃(GCA0H6A) by Kavaju
  • Adrenalin Addiction – Underground II (GC9ZNMA) by The Rats
  • Arcane 👽 (GC9M1RW) by SeaEegles
  • Chudles Puzzle Format (CPF) (GC9ZEP1) by chudles
EarthCache/Virtual Cache/Adventure Lab:
  • Mt Orient Creek Speleothems (GC9KN6Q) by Asbestiform
  • Paddys River Falls (GC9P5Q0) by skullracing
  • Subduction! (GC9TKE8) by injuryman
Historic Caches:
  • Dark Side of the Moon (GCCA6) by Team Chaos
  • It’s a hit! (GC74H7H) by asbestiform
  • Pigeon’s Loft (GC10FNZ) by The Rats
If you need a refresher on these great caches, or like to learn more, please go to this geocaching list which has all finalists.